Comment 116 for bug 351186

abys wrote:
> @Stephan I tried the deb yesterday (after party,,,) and I had the same
> issue with a HD3400. When I've restarted the machine, I get a black
> screen like the computer is shutdown so probably as you say, no screens
> found.
> I've got also 3GB of RAM. What should be the best solution for me? Find
> something to make it working with 3GB of memory, rollback to the
> slowness, apply another patch??

Hi abys,

I don't know: I found a thread where people were claiming that reducing
memory to <=3GB resolved their problem (no screens found). So my 8GB are
way above that size. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore, and the
whole thread was a bit chaotic and not easily to follow, so I might have
drawn the wrong conclusions.

I find it quite weird that the simple patch in the PPA-debs results in
that "no screens found" behaviour for all three drivers I tried. For the
moment I have switched back to the standard jaunty-xserver and endure
the resize lag.