Comment 232 for bug 1068404

Marco Vuano (vuanomarco) wrote :

@naught101: this bug report originally was referring to Ubuntu 12.10 and was later extended to Ubuntu 13.04, however I don't think it has yet been extended to Ubuntu 13.10 (it is not mentioned in the table above). Anyway, the bug is similar to the one I reported, but by watching the Xorg log file, it seems that the intel driver is not found at all. Since you are using a preliminary version of the 3.12 kernel, I would suggest using the stable 3.12 version. Furthermore, you should use an up-to-date xserver-xorg-video-intel package and mesa package (you can try the ones from oibaf's repository) . Anyway, I suspect that the Catalyst driver only supports the kernel and intel driver versions found in the Ubuntu repositories.