Comment 162 for bug 1068404

Marco Vuano (vuanomarco) wrote :

With Catalyst 13.2 beta7 (2:12.100-0ubuntu1) not much has changed (not even the version number!), so to sum it up:
-2D and 3D acceleration is mostly fine with both the iGPU and dGPU (at least Unity and some OpenGL appplications such as glxgears work correctly)
-XvBA seems to be broken (or the xvba-va-driver package no longer works correctly with the new driver)
-when using the iGPU the system crashes in a reproducible manner (this is described in bug #1088220), if the dGPU is needed, then it is probably better to open a terminal after login and to enter

sudo amdconfig --px-dgpu

After system restart the dGPU should be in use (and probably the system restart itself will result in a crash, because of the aforementioned bug, however next time Ubuntu is booted, the dGPU should be used). Sometimes restarting the X server by logging out after entering the command is enough to switch.

P.S:: @Nick Andrik: I think the last comment of bug #1088220 was wrongly posted there because the same comment is in this bug. Could you please confirm this and eventually add a comment stating that the bug still persists?