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Ped (ped) wrote :


I haven't tried fglrx with xorg-edgers, only default xorg-video-intel + xorg-video-ati, as the synaptics (touchpad and some keyboard stuff too on my notebook) keeps crashing, I was too lazy to try anything more. But it boots into X, just as original repository version, so the intel+ati works at least as good as Ubuntu quantal.

BTW, after all those experiments on my kubuntu 12.10 install I suddenly got working GLX with intel+ati.
(history of my OS install:
12.04 clean install - desktop works
+ fglrx from Ubuntu repos - 3D games works on ATI, desktop works
* upgrade of distro to 12.10 -> blank screen, several hours of trying to recall all the xorg stuff and find out what works
- ending with intel + ati open source drivers, desktop shows, no GLX working
* trying out different things, including
- Nick's PPA (intel + fglrx = blank screen, intel + ati = blank screen)
- xorg-edgers (intel+ati = desktop works, no GLX)
- purging xorg-edgers PPA, reverting to default Ubuntu intel+ati, where desktop works, and was "no GLX" before, now all of sudden the GLX started to work without warning.

with glxinfo I now get:
"... | direct rendering: Yes | server glx vendor string: SGI | server glx version string: 1.4 | ...
OpenGL vendor string: Intel Open Source Technology Center
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile
OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 9.0
OpenGL shading language version string: 1.30

By the "no GLX" situations before I did mean situation, where the OS boots up into X, I can log in, desktop works, but I can't run any 3D game, usually ending with some GLX specifix error, which I didn't bother to save, but something along unsupported feature number #x IIRC.

I have muxless HW (no HW switch for VGA, and when I install fglrx from Ubuntu repos, I get blank screen and log/xorg contains that weird "(EE) this is a Muxless PX A+I platform, we doesn't supported it".

I didn't have yet time to look into it, if I could find the difference. Maybe I left the ATI card still switched off in BIOS, so the Intel GLX works for me now? I know it's "just one reboot" away to figure out, but right now.. not.

no working fglrx for me (any tested combination ends with blank screen)
intel+ati (ubuntu, xorg edgers): desktop works, now on ubuntu ones even GLX on Intel works (no idea, why/how it got fixed, maybe disabled ATI by BIOS, or reinstall of some core mesa packaged during xorg edgers ppa purge)
intel+ati (nick's PPA): crash in X as mentioned in #100 (this is different crash, not similar to intel+fglrx, which does crash in other stage of loading drivers)