Comment 127 for bug 1068404

Luigi R. (xluigi84) wrote :

Thanks, just one question: is your fglrx based on the catalyst 12.10 or lower? Before 12.10 my card was not supported and maybe also the package on x-edgers is based on an older driver.

Mine was just a test for Nick to verify if the package xorg-intel coming from this ppa was able to run both fglrx-update(12.10) and i915/radeon driver. For the moment just the patch from Nick is working in my case with fglrx-update not considering the problem that introduce with i915/radeon.

Ps: I have noticed that in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10fglrx we export LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH as well as LD_LIBRARY_PATH, why after the reboot the first variable is exported properly and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is always empty on Ubuntu by default? Is it unset somewhere?