Comment 10 for bug 778619

Dear Ralph,

I checked alsa-utils_1.0.24.2-0ubuntu8 and Ubuntu has so far not
implemented the
alsa-interactive patch which is applied in Debian testing/sid alsautils onward.
This is a bug known upstream and is present in alsa-utils. It appears this
is a case
where Ubuntu does not synchronize patching with Debian so the bug continues
to be still present in Ubuntu.

As a Debian uploader for festival I cannot assist you as I have no
privileges with Ubuntu.
Maybe you can draw it to the attention of the relevant alsa-utils Ubuntu
Alternatively you can apply the Debian "aplay interactive" patch directly
and build the package
Upstream itself had the patch in master but that wont be released till
likely the end of the year.

best regards,

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 7:22 AM, Peter Drysdale <email address hidden>wrote:

> Dear Ralph Green,
> Please reply with the version number of alsa-utils in Ubuntu 11.10 you are
> running.
> best regards,
> Peter
> On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:23 AM, Ralph Green <email address hidden> wrote:
>> Bug still exists in Ubuntu 11.10. I am running xubuntu 11.10 and I have
>> applied all fixes available up to this day.
>> --
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>> report.
>> Title:
>> Festival TTS starts 'paused' for blocks of text
>> Status in “festival” package in Ubuntu:
>> Confirmed
>> Bug description:
>> Binary package hint: festival
>> 1) Ubuntu 11.04
>> 2) festival: Installed: 1:2.0.95~beta-5.1ubuntu2
>> 3) When starting festival in TTS mode, for example by running 'festival
>> --tts /usr/share/doc/syslinux/usbkey.txt', festival should read the file
>> then exit with no user input.
>> 4) Instead, Festival starts a tiny fraction of speech then displays to
>> the terminal '=== PAUSE === ', but with no user input it cannot be unpaused
>> so has to be exited with ^C
>> *NB:* This is a regression as I have been regularly using festival in
>> this way up until upgrading (from a fresh 10.10 install) to 11.04.
>> TEXT. So, when testing please try it with large blocks of text, it
>> will not occur for only a small paragraph.
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