can't start fcoe w/ Ubuntu 13.04

Bug #1183596 reported by ALex Henderson on 2013-05-23
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fcoe-utils (Ubuntu)

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After installing 13.04 and sudo apt-get install fcoe-utils "/etc/init.d/fcoe start" produces an error message complaining that /etc/fcoe/open-fcoe.conf does not exist. The open-fcoe version appears to be 1.09. This file was not used in older versions, they used /etc/fcoe/conf and /etc/fcoe/cfg-ethx. the simpleminded fix of renaming the conf file doesn't work. Do that and you get a complaint that there's no "HBA=" in the open-fcoe.conf file - the options specificed in the conf file(s) seem to have changed between versions. There doesn't seem to be any documentation available from either or ubuntu (or anywhere else via Google search) as to what this file should contain. In fact all the available documentation seems to indicate that the older style config files should work. Can anyone provide an example of the config files for a working installation or a link to some documentation on the new config file format & options?

Rajiv Shah (compukid) on 2013-05-23
affects: ubuntu → fcoe-utils (Ubuntu)
Rajiv Shah (compukid) on 2013-06-03
Changed in fcoe-utils (Ubuntu):
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Rajiv Shah (compukid) wrote :

Would you mind opening a terminal and entering sudo apt-get install python-launchpadlib and after running that enter "apport-collect 1183565"? This will provide us with a bug report.

Paul Dittrich (paul-dittrich) wrote :

Identical issue affecting us also.
Edited fcoe startup script to echo the value of $HBA derived from open-fcoe.conf and it is reading correctly.
Tested "fipvlan -a" and got the expected list of forwarders.

edited /etc/init.d/fcoe to remove the HBA detection and just use HBA=<adapter>
Now the error changes to "fcoeadm: Failed to open /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/create"

Still working on it but would appreciate any and all help / suggestions.

Paul Dittrich (paul-dittrich) wrote :

Additional info:
fcoeadm --create <adapter> gives error "fcoeadm: Failed to open /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/create"

That file is in /sys/module/LIBfcoe/parameters/create with permission of 200

Is this being set in the source code??

Kent Baxley (kentb) wrote :

Looks like the init script that's being used in Ubuntu got canned a long time ago upstream and it now points to the SuSE init script instead for all non-Red Hat distros:

Kent Baxley (kentb) wrote :

Can anyone test the fcoe-utils package from Debian?

For what it's worth, I installed the package on a 12.04 server without issues and the init script started right up. I've also requested that the Debian version be synced into Ubuntu, given that we haven't updated fcoe-utils in a couple of years from what I can tell:

Rajiv Shah (compukid) on 2013-08-09
Changed in fcoe-utils (Ubuntu):
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Stefan Mühlbacher (freisei) wrote :

I can confirm this bug. It is not possible to do fcoe with ubuntu-server since 12.04. Accours mostly to build-errors in the fcoe-utils-package from ubuntu build-system which seemed never to be fixed.

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Ronald (ronald-bynoe) wrote :

I can confirm this bug on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. FCoE is non-functional on ubuntu-server due to a version of fcoe-utils from 2009, and a broken init script. The fcoe service does not autovlan, and when you try to manually create the interface, the following error occurs:

$ sudo fcoeadm -c p3p1 fcoeadm: Failed to open /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/create
$ ls /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/
ddp_min debug_logging

I can confirm that the above command works on Fedora & OpenSuse, but not Ubuntu because Canonical doesn't update packages unless a bug has been open for 2+ years.
For reference, the package provided by Debian 7 (Wheezy) is:
$ apt-cache madison fcoe-utils
fcoe-utils | 1.0.23-1 | wheezy/main amd64 Packages

And the version on Ubuntu of course is:
$ apt-cache madison fcoe-utils
fcoe-utils | 1.0.9-0ubuntu4 | trusty/universe amd64 Packages

The version included with Fedora 21:
]# yum info fcoe-utils | grep Version
Version : 1.0.29

Note: I tried getting fcoe-utils to work in Debian without success either, it's using a strange init script that fails to even start fcoemon. So it looks like neither Debian nor Ubuntu based servers can be used as storage initiators in a datacenter environment.

Ritchy (ritchyoly) wrote :

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
i got the same problem, when i try to configure my interface : fcoeadm -c eth6

fcoeadm: Failed to open /sys/module/fcoe/parameters/create"

why ?

i install from "aptitude" : aptitude install fcoe-utils

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