Comment 4 for bug 1170325

Thanks for your swift reply.

According to me, this bug is not a duplicate of bug 708080.

This new bug occurs with the latest version of qemu-server (v 2.3.18)

When using qemu-server v2.0.72, the output of /proc/cpuinfo shows "QEMU Virtual CPU", and the fix was added to integrate QEMU/KVM types in facter.

Now qemu-server has been updated, the /proc/cpuinfo does not show "QEMU Virtual CPU" anymore, but "Common KVM processor". This causes this announced facter bugs, which does not recognize KVM as virtual machines.

Please, let me know if I could submit you a valid bug report : on my side, I don't think the 2 cases are related, and this should not be a regression.

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