Comment 13 for bug 1170325

[Test case update ]

No BUG :

- Download Promox VE on version 2.0, and install this one on a server
- Create a simple Ubuntu VM on version 12.04 LTS running on the Proxmox VE node you've juste installed
- Install facter : apt-get install facter
- Retrieve facter execution output -> the virtual informations shows 'KVM', which is good.
- Get /proc/cpuinfo line on the VM showing model name -> it shows "QEMU Virtual CPU version" string


- Download Proxmox VE on version 2.3, or update the current node on 2.0 version to the 2.3 version
- check the facter execution output on the running VM (the same one you've installed before) -> the virutal informations shows 'physical', which is wrong
- Get /proc/cpuinfo line on the VM showing model name -> it shows "Common KVM processor" string, and not "QEMU Virtual CPU version" an ymore

This is the reason why I am updating you about that bug, which only occurs because of qemu-server packages changes on /proc/cpuinfo output. The proposed patch should fix that bug, without causing any other troubles of any kind.