Comment 30 for bug 374900

This things are not easy. But I think it not Ubuntu developers job to make Ubuntu difficult to the ordinary PC user and helping Microsoft to find out everything for them.
If this bug report was not written had anyone ever noticed and think about it at all? And as Hans told maybe it are only valid in USA and Japan anyway. So why let the rest of the world suffer?

"United Kingdom patent law is interpreted to have the same effect as the European Patent Convention such that "programs for computers" are excluded from patentability to the extent that a patent application relates to a computer program "as such". Current case law in the UK states that an (alleged) invention will only be actually regarded as an invention if it provides a contribution that is not excluded and which is also technical. A computer program implementing a business process is therefore not an invention, but a computer program implementing an industrial process may well be."

Canonical are in UK so I think they would go under laws from UK to.