Comment 26 for bug 374900

On Sat, 03 Apr 2010 07:58:20 -0000, Hans <email address hidden> wrote:
> If you remove all codecs you just forcing people to go over to Linux Mint, who "works out of the box":
> Why not do a special Ubuntu for USA and Japan and then the rest of the
> world can use a Ubuntu with all mediacodecs like Mint doing?After all
> most countries have different laws about this matter.

This is not an issue of patents or anything like that. This is a license
conflict issue, meaning that the binaries produced from this source
package are believed to be not legally redistributable. That is believed
to apply regardless of the jurisdiction as it is concerned with
copyright and license law, and not patents.

You are welcome to have your views on what Ubuntu should do for the
benefit of its users, but please make sure you understand the issue at
hand when commenting on a particular bug report.