Comment 5 for bug 653327

Paul McGarry (paul-paulmcgarry) wrote :

The underlying import problem seems to be something to do with raw files, as the jpeg versions of the files imported at the same time seem to have been imported correctly, from a dump of the photos.db:

INSERT INTO "photos" VALUES(6042,-62135636400,'file:///home/paulm/Photos/1/01/01','IMG_3149.CR2','',43,1,0);
INSERT INTO "photos" VALUES(6043,1279323047,'file:///home/paulm/Photos/2010/07/17','IMG_3149.JPG','',43,1,0);

Presumably it's the negative "time" value in the second field that is causing the problem.

FWIW I have got my f-spot working again by deleting the records for the effected photos from the sqlite db, ie:

paulm@noobuntu:~/.config/f-spot$ sqlite3 photos.db
SQLite version 3.7.2
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> select * from photos where id=6044;
sqlite> delete from photos where base_uri='file:///home/paulm/Photos/1/01/01';
sqlite> select * from photos where id=6044;
sqlite> .quit