Comment 10 for bug 175191

Sean Fenton (bobodod) wrote :

Is anything being done about this? F-Spot is touted as a major feature of Ubuntu:

but this bug ruins date and time data attached to imported photos, and for good. It makes F-Spot completely unusable for me since I want this information intact. I imagine there are few, if any, people who feel differently. It seems as though this should be considered of High importance at the Gnome bug-list, yet there's been no activity at all. That is, as far as I can tell. I see the "attachments" at the bottom of the Gnome Bugzilla page but don't know what to make of them.

It looks like the first step is to elevate the Priority and Severity of the bug:

Is that right?

Or perhaps it would be better to drop into the #bugs IRC channel to see if I can generate some discussion on this topic:

Anyway, if there's any way I can help please let me know. I have no programming training, but don't mind learning.