Comment 39 for bug 112684

Paul Crawford (psc-sat) wrote :

No, it is the same changes, but made on a 9.10 system's files and recreated as a patch. To build a version to test, you need to do something like this (assuming you have not got this far already):

mkdir /tmp/f-spot
mkdir ~/f-spot-build
cd ~/f-spot-build
sudo apt-get build-dep f-spot
apt-get source f-spot
cd f-spot-
./configure --prefix=/tmp/f-spot --disable-scrollkeeper
make install

At this point you should have a working version of the unpatched F-spot in the temporary installation directory, and you can test it with:

cd /tmp/f-spot/bin

Check it works, and has the usual problem. Then go back and fix it with:

cd ~/f-spot-build/f-spot-
patch -p1 < ../test.debdiff
make install

(assuming you saved my patch in ~/f-spot-build) Then test the patched version again with this:

cd /tmp/f-spot/bin

If it is all happy and you like it, then re-name the /usr/lib/f-spot/f-spot.exe file and copy your built version to that directory, then change it to be root owned, something like:

cd /usr/lib/f-spot
sudo mv f-spot.exe f-spot.exe.original
sudo cp /tmp/f-spot/bin/f-spot.exe .
sudo chown root:root f-spot.exe

Hopefully that will work (not tried last steps to install, on work PC which is 10.04 just now) Note that the /tmp/f-spot test location I used here will normally be deleted on reboot, so you might want to consider putting it elsewhere if you are planning on a lot of testing, etc. You can re-create the directory and re-populate it with 'make install' as needed though.