Comment 3 for bug 300947

Guillaume Martres (smarter) wrote :

Okay, this is definitely a bug in the update from Hardy to Intrepid, here is a workaround until I find a proper way to fix that(sorry for the inconvenience):
sudo rmdir /usr/share/games/etracer
sudo ln -s /usr/share/games/extremetuxracer /usr/share/games/etracer
This is due to the fact that extremetuxracer stores the data directory path in the user config, and that the Debian package which was created after the Ubuntu package of extremetuxracer was using a different directory for storing datas, when I merged the package I tried to workaround that by adding a link but this apparently did not work, the commands I posted above are what the package should have done automatically, hopefully I'll soon find a way to fix that in the package.