Comment 16 for bug 30692

C de-Avillez (hggdh2) wrote :

maybe I am missing something here... at least on Feisty/Gutsy, firing either "Internet/Evolution Mail" or[ "Internet/Evolution (Groupware Suite)" on Feisty/KDE or "Evolution" on Gutsy/Gnome] bring up the *same* Evolution, with Calendar, Contacts, etc as buttons, and Mail opened. One opens Evolution with --component=mail, the other without options -- by default, Mail.

So -- again, at least on Feisty/Gutsy -- there is *NO* difference which one we choose to start Evolution off. (this is on a machine running Feisty/KDE, and on a machine running Gutsy/Gnome).

Ergo: they should be *either* (1) named identically *or* (2) one should vanish. I personally do not think it bad to have two entries, but then they indeed should be named the same.

The basic rule here would consistency.