Comment 11 for bug 1299604

wmccarty (wdmlist) wrote :

I was able to reset the gnome keyring and get evolution to re-remember all the passwords. Despite being able to solve this, this is the second time I've had to do this on Ubuntu 13.10 and evolution 3.8.4. The question remains is how does evolution lose connection to the password keyring?

Steps to solve the problem:
Go to this website:
- Exit evolution
- Clear the entire directory of ~/.gnome2/keyrings/
- run seahorse and verify that there are no passwords shown
- Exit seahorse
- completely remove seahorse
- restart the computer
- run evolution after restart
- enter passwords as normal
- you will be asked to enter a password keyring
- close evolution
- install seahorse
- you may have to restart again? (Can't remember where I did it)
- run evolution, you will be asked for the passwords again and the keyring

Evolution should keep the passwords now.