Comment 11 for bug 1272001

pato101 (pato101) wrote :

Fix at #8 only applies to Ubuntu themes Ambiance and Radiance.
I've taken a look at the diff, and successfully applied that to Adwaita in the following way:
mkdir ~/.themes/Adwaita
cd ~/.themes/Adwaita
cp -r /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/gtk-3.0 .
cd gtk-3.0
then, edit gtk.css and leave as this -of course scisors do not belong to the file- (note the first line is the one it already existed. Also note, the same block should be added to gtk-black.css if you use the black version for Evolution):

@import url("resource:///org/gnome/adwaita/gtk-main.css");

GtkWindow {
     color: @theme_fg_color;
     background-color: @theme_bg_color;
GtkPaned {
     color: @theme_fg_color;

    /* Evolution sets the background color of its mail window to the background
     * color of entries, but cannot handle background images. Setting the
     * background color here doesn't effect real entries, because
     * 'background-image' has precedence.
     background-color: @theme_bg_color;