evolution-exchange does not work with maverick and 2.30.3-0ubuntu2~ppa1

Bug #661094 reported by trevi on 2010-10-15
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evolution-exchange (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: evolution-exchange

As recommended in bug 631395 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution-exchange/+bug/631395 I open a new bug for the same problems with 2.30.3-0ubuntu2~ppa1 (amd64 version).

After upgrading to the new amd64 package, I can observe the following behaviour:

Starting Evolution online, new emails are not synced and the refreshing progress remains at 0%, "looking for new messages" remains at 100% without disappearing.

Starting Evolution offline and then connecting to the server with the connection symbol results in several error messages (Could not connect to the server), after clicking OK until the messages disappear, same behaviour as above, nothing happens. When I then click on an other folder (i.e. "Sent Items"), the refreshing process starts and finishes successfully. Clicking then on the Inbox starts the refreshing process and after reaching 100%, the message disappears, the message concerning new messages remains (with 100%) and new mails are not displayed. The terminal windows shows the following message: "evolution-mail-Message: Error occurred while existing dialogue active: column folder_name is not unique".
Clicking again on an other folder and back on the Inbox (while clicking several times OK on the "could not connect to the server" messages) results in displaying the new messages, on the terminal window I see the message "(evolution:2561): camel-exchange-provider-WARNING **: got_folder_props: 7"

When I then open an email (and after several error messages "could not connect to the server" again) and try to forward it, no email is sent and the terminal shows the following message: "(evolution:2561): camel-exchange-provider-WARNING **:
No GC: could not unmangle sender field".

Exiting Evolution is still not possible (the status message about the saving of the account remains at 0%).

I'm extremely frustrated, because I was desperately waiting for the MAPI connection, which does not work also, and now I can not even use the Exchange Server connection anymore.

Any hints are more than appreciated, and if I can provide debugging information, please advise me, because I'm still an Ubuntu newby.

After upgrading and several tests to connect to Exchange Server with no sucess, I deleted the Exchange account.
Now when I try to configure new exchange account "Edit->Preferences->Add" and follow the usual steps to configure the account, the autentication of OWA URL results with a message of "Could not locate server". Of course, the adress are correct.
(amd64 version)

Wasa (v-egoshin) wrote :

If you local domain ends with '.local' try to stop avahi daemon before creating a new exchange account:

stop avahi-daemon

or use numeric ip address.

My domain ends with my ".pt" but I used the numeric IP address as suggested and I was successful in the account setting. Now I have exactly the behavior described in this bug description.

maitrechang (fake2) wrote :

Still broken for me on amd64.
The recent patch makes evolution go further and browse the folders, but nothing more. I see many "Scanning for changed message..." in the status bar, but they never complete.

Tato (gciancio) wrote :

Same behavior described in this bug description.
I have used this plugin at work for almost 3 years! I need a solution please

Joel Stephens (jbstep) wrote :

Same experiences as above, several scanning for changed messages that never complete. Also can't close Evolution normally. I'm really shocked that a flagship app like Evolution would have such a critical bug that gets neglected before a release. This is really hamstringing me at work.

Tato (gciancio) wrote :

After several attempts, mine is now working fine.
The solution for me was to delete the account and recreate it but with a different name.

trevi (ermin-trevisan) wrote :

Thanks to Tato (post #7).
After deleting the account and recreating it with another name and properly assigning the outbox and draft folder to the corresponding exchange server folders and restarting Evolution, it works for me too!!!

Martijn (martijn.niji) wrote :

I have the same problem as described here... unfortunately, trying out Tato's solution from post #7 did not work for me. This problem makes Evolution completely unusable for me.

Andy Hull (andrew-j-hull) wrote :

Same problem here, was working till this afternoon, tried above suggestion. How do I set about debugging?

Chris Johnson (raugturi) wrote :

I just started experiencing this same issue today (after months of it working just fine). I've been able to delete the ~/.evolution/exchange and ~/.evolution/mail/exchange folders and get it to then send my stuck messages and read messages that were already in my inbox, but it would not receive new ones. After restarting it is back to the "Scanning for changed messages" tasks.

Chris Johnson (raugturi) wrote :

The cause of the problem in my case was the Tracker plugin. Disabling that resolved the issue.

Andy Hull (andrew-j-hull) wrote :


tptptp (tone6120) wrote :

Same behaviour as described in comment #4.

Tried removing the ~/.evolution folder. Tried deleting the existing exchange account and recreating it. No success.

> properly assigning the outbox and draft folder to the corresponding exchange server folders
Don't know how to do the above (from comment #8) so couldn't try it.

Disabled the Tracker plugin as suggested in comment #11 and that seems to have done the trick, however, bitter experience has taught me that one can't speak too soon where Evolution and Exchange are concerned. Thank-you Chris.

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