Comment 15 for bug 10669

Johan Walles (walles) wrote :

I haven't seen any filter triggering automatically on incoming mail. I have five filters in place for my incoming mail. None of them seem to trigger.

When I run them manually after having received e-mail, all of them seem to work as expected.

The first filter rule out of the five non-triggering ones is:

Name: "Johans CRar"
If any of the following conditions are met:
Specific header "X-WebClarify-Owner" contains "walles"
Specific header "X-WebClarify-Owner:" contains "walles"
Specific header "X-WebClarify-Owner: " contains "walles"
Assign color [green].

I used three different queries for the e-mail header name since it's not obvious to me how I should specify a header for it to match. At least one of them is correct, since the filter works if I run it manually on the inbox.