Comment 43 for bug 66379

abaumhau (abaumhau+launchpad) wrote :

The bug appears to be related to a change in Edgy where the hostname was added to the /etc/hosts file as There are many threads (google where this has caused performance problems. It looks like cups is looking up your machine's IP address based on hostname, finding the entry in /etc/hosts as (instead of looking up localhost = CUPS has security settings that only allows @LOCAL access (= and not, so you can't query the printers. This looks like a change made by whoever added the entry into /etc/hosts, and didn't consider the ramifications to other packages.

As noted, the order of the /etc/hosts file is important to fixing this bug. The entry must be first. Hopefully the right folks will see this thread, and fix the problems caused by the change in /etc/hosts.