Comment 41 for bug 66379

Rafael SarrĂ´ (rafael-sarro) wrote :


 I was in the process of replaying with the requested information, when I decided to try something.
 I noticed that in my /etc/hosts file there was an entry that pointed do but none to, so I added it manually. making it look like this: localhost skyler localhost skyler

Still the problem persisted. I decided then to swap the order of that lines in /etc/hosts file, since the name resolution is done sequentially, making the file look like this: localhost skyler localhost skyler

Immediately after saving the file, everything works again. I can view and modify the properties of any printer with gnome-cups-manager and cal also print from any gnome app (evince, gedit, etc)

So my guess is that this problem has something to do with the localhost name resolution and with whichever package that changes the /etc/host file

I have also attached the printbuginfo.txt file.