Comment 0 for bug 20871

Feature request :

I find myself often consulting large documents/books, with countless
"hyperlinks" in them. Things like : "the function of these bits is detaileld in
table XYZ in page 285", where you want to click on the link to quickly have a
look at the table then resume your reading where you left it 10 seconds earlier.
Basically like the "Back" button does in Web browser. I find this impossible in
evince currently, you have the "previos" page, but it will take you indeed to
the previous page, not the "previously VISITED" page, which is what is needed.
Right now, before clicking on any link, I must look at the page counter before
"jumping", so I can re-enter the page number manually to come back where I left,
a real annoyance (to say the least....) when consulting/browsing big documents.