Comment 17 for bug 1288182

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screenshot of font property of sample PDF 19393

The sample PDF has no embedded fonts, and the referred font
is Helvetica under WinAnsiEncoding only. So giving Unicode
text for Japanese & Cyrillic codepoint is wrong. When it is
opened by Adobe Reader, strangely, the font tab in property
window shows KozMinPr6N-Regular (Adobe Reader's default font for
Adobe-Japan1) as if it's subsetted & embedded. If I hide
KozMinPr6N-Regular.otf from Adobe Reader, then AdobeMingStd-Light
(Adobe Reader's default font for Adobe-CNS1) is shown as if
it is subsetted & embedded. If I hide it, AdobeSongStd-Light
(for Adobe-GB1) is shown as if ...

I'm afraid that Adobe Reader shows Kanji & Cyrillic text by
some fallback feature, and poppler's behaviour is not a bug,
although it is not inconvenient than Adobe Reader.