Comment 9 for bug 565101

Java programs have a bad habit of not being able to use "the memory" but rather preselect an amount of memory usage at JVM startup, which makes it difficult to have a sane default in packaging. It's the same for Tomcat, where we explicitly give people the knobs to tune it after the fact and recommend that they do so.

I'm not sure there is a sane default here... I suspect raising the load would require you to bump that value again. It's also about minimal requirements for the Walrus: if we say it can be run on a machine with 1Gb of RAM, then obviously we can't really set the default to more than -Xmx512m.

So it lokks like a documentation issue ("tune the Walrus memory usage !"), adding the knob ("setting this value in that file is the way to do it") and maybe slightly raising the default value so that, by default, it can handle slightly more load ?