Comment 17 for bug 461156

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009, Neil Soman wrote:

> You said "I'm also unable to reproduce Markus's problems with --user-
> data ' << FOO >' and a patched euca2ools."

That should have said "*able* to reproduce" . I do see it.

To reproduce, you have to
a.) fix euca2ools so that it doesn't doubly encode user-data
    hand-patch the euca-run-instances, or use my ppa build

b.) run: ec2-run-instances -k mykey --user-data " << FOO >" ${EMI}

The result is:
| Warning: failed to parse error message from AWS: <unknown>:1:0: syntax error
| EC2ResponseError: 403 Forbidden
| Failure: 403 Forbidden

And the attached log message in cloud-error.log.