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Bug #1695080: crash during thread exit when using thread local storage Undecided New 44 weeks

From: Mike Gulick
Link: unsubmitted-resize-dtv.diff

glibc BZ#13862 backport to eglib-2.19-0ubuntu6.13

Bug #1123424: nscd: Either fix automatic hosts cache invalidation or add resolvconf update script to invalidate the hosts cache Undecided New 310 weeks

From: Thomas Hood
Link: nscd_initscript_invalidate_hosts.patch

nscd initscript patch to add "invalidate-hosts" method

Bug #1120810: eglibc needs a stage2 for bootstrapping Undecided New 310 weeks

From: Wookey
Link: eglibc-2.17-stage2.patch


Bug #921078: FATAL: kernel too old ← how old is too old? Medium Triaged 361 weeks

From: Steve Langasek
Link: qemu-linaro-921078.patch


Bug #861132: setenv ("NAME", NULL) corrupts environment Undecided New 382 weeks
Bug #762512: getaddrinfo() should disregard link-local IPv6 addresses for AI_ADDRCONFIG purposes Undecided Confirmed 405 weeks

From: Tore Anderson
Link: gai-aiaddrconfig-ignore-link-locals.patch


Bug #666565: "utf8" charmap in locale name is wrong Undecided Confirmed 430 weeks

From: Lauri Tirkkonen
Link: language-selector-localename.patch

Replace '.utf8' with 'UTF-8' in generated locale strings.

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