Comment 77 for bug 417757

@rsoulliere thank you very much, your link in #66 solved this issue for me.

Personally I regret trying to upgrade to Karmic. I had a severe bug in Jaunty that freezed my system once a day. When I upgraded to Karmic my system began to be unbootable because of an sergv in mountall. When I reinstalled I had no net :/

For those that say that the problem is in the way routes and some dns servers handle ip6:
So Karmic was released to show use how bad network equipment we bought ? to teach us a lesson ?

This bug should be a show stopper, at least for the feature change caused it. Ubuntu is becoming more unusable release after release. I'll try to do more beta and alpha tests my self in the future but I can see here beta testers comments didn't help.