Comment 69 for bug 417757

I disabled ipv6 in firefox, and lspci indicates ipv6 is turned off in
karmic. The problem still persists in the case that I'm using a linksys
router as the DNS relay. If the router is removed from the DNS list,
everything speeds up.

Before anyone tells me to get a new router, this problem didn't occur in
Jaunty, just Karmic, and I've done everything possible to confirm that
IPV6 is disabled on my machine. So it's one of two things:

1) Karmic uses a different library than Jaunty to do DNS lookups, and
that library has introduced some kind of bug (I'm guessing it's a
sequence of queries, not just one since it takes a few minutes of very
slow surfing before the router gives up entirely)

2) Karmic is lying about ipv6 being disabled and is insisting on using
it anyway.

I attempted to report this as a separate bug because I completely
eliminated IPV6 from being the culprit, but here we are.