Comment 303 for bug 417757

Derek (bugs-m8y) wrote :

This is where pragmatism comes in.
We have absolutely no control over those resolvers, and even if we had any influence whatsoever with those who did, corporate networks are very slow to change. Ubuntu is the outsider. The Windows machines work. Your solution is not a pragmatic one.

So, while being "pure" is good, I thought Ubuntu stayed out of such things.

That's why Ubuntu offers easy integration of binary drivers for ATI and nVidia, why Ubuntu has a restricted-extras for convenient meta.

Simply because IPv6 is *better* doesn't mean you should sacrifice adoption for the ideal.

Using AI_ADDRCONFIG is simple enough, and as noted browsers like Firefox and Chrome have adopted that.

What would be nice would be a simple package that forces it across the board, simply as an option for broken networks.