Comment 268 for bug 417757

My comment wasn't really to add to the bug report, but mostly to try and clarify the bug's description. I am very confused about whether this is my bug, and the bug description doesn't really help, as it contains a confusing statement which makes me unsure about whether I have the bug.

I understand that this is pretty much a bug in the *routers*, not in Ubuntu. The reason it's reported here on Launchpad and not in a thousand routers is because you're planning to implement a workaround in Ubuntu, right?

What you are saying is, if I switch to another DNS server, then it *may not* be the same bug, but it *might* be (if my router is ignoring IPv6 DNS requests, but the other DNS server is good). But it could be other problems with my router's DNS server besides IPv6.

But if I disable IPv6 entirely, and the bug does not go away, then it is not this bug. (I haven't been able to disable IPv6 yet).

I should have said in my last comment that this bug is new to me in Lucid Beta. It was working fine in Karmic with the exact same setup (same laptop, same router). It works fine in Windows XP. It still works fine with any other router. So it's clearly a combination of this router and Lucid that is a problem *for me*. I'm not asking for help here (since I've already worked around the issue), just trying to figure out if I am having the same bug (so I can be useful, and provide you with socket dumps) or if it isn't (so I can get out of your hair). I will experiment with disabling IPv6 and looking at Wireshark tonight.