Comment 229 for bug 417757

From what I am observing here, the IPV6 problem is not the sole cause of slow lookups and connection speed. Despite turning off IPV6, running my own name server (even a local caching one), modifying /etc/nsswitch.conf, tweaking settings in ethtool, etc. etc. etc. I still get stalls and failed connections so often that the distribution is on the verge of unusable.

To reproduce this problem open 15 tabs or so in firefox. close firefox. Open it again and open another network app like Thunder bird at the same time. More often than not many tabs will fail to load and you'll get a failed to connect error from Thunderbird.

As has been reported, this does not happen, for instance, in WinXP running in VMware on the same physical machine.

I am behind a D-Link DI-707 switch.

Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to have to bail on Ubuntu. It's too bad. The distribution has a lot of promise.