Comment 22 for bug 417757

I have had a privoxy go-slow - several seconds on every lookup - since installing Karmic beta. Hadn't really noticed a problem in any other app but web browsing did sometimes feel sluggish.

In a brainwave just now I have tried disabling ipv6 (using grub method) and now privoxy is working beautifully. I have also noticed that web browsing feels snappier generally, so I think this was slowing -all- of my apps down by a large enough fraction for me to feel the difference now.

Just to reiterate: it's repeatable for me with privoxy. IPV6 on - privoxy massive latency. IPV6 off - privoxy works fine.

I have a Draytek so blaming the router isn't practical - these have a MASSIVE installed base. Whether it's strictly the router's fault or not, it would not be ubuntu of Ubuntu to get all academically correct about it, we need some sort of workaround that can be achieved by clicking buttons.

To be honest, only the advanced users would want IPv6 anyway, so why not have it off by default and make it very easy to switch on?