Comment 215 for bug 417757

On Mon, 2010-01-18 at 23:31 +0000, Michael McLeish wrote:
> This problem is not fixed on my computer, unfortunately. I'm a first
> time poster here - been watching this bug for a long time. It appeared
> to be fixed for a day or two, but I still have the long delays on page
> requests.

Perhaps delayed AAAA requests are not your only problem. If you're
adventurous, you could have a look at what seems to be holding it up in
Wireshark. (Though that's for another bug report.)

> Also, I don't seem to have the "eglibc" package installed on my version
> of Karmic (Desktop, 64 bit). Is this embedded in another package?

eglibc is just a source package name: the binary packages that result
from it that appear in your package manager are not necessarily (but
usually are, but in this case, are not) named the same.

So the binary version of eglibc is called libc6 in your package manager.