Comment 183 for bug 417757

That might do it on the (very) long term, and if this is what the problem is, it has to be done anyway.

But I don't see how that would solve the problem at hand *NOW*.
I'm experiencing the problem and I'm connected behind a recent Linksys BEFVP41 VPN router, downstream my DSL box, that I use to isolate / protect me from the network. Linksys is Cisco, btw, the king of the routing world. And the box is new, bought in 2009. Latest firmware, april 2009.
And I do have the problem.
There are myriads of people and small and large businesses in the same situation.
Expecting that all those are going to rush buying a new router (and for many, finding someone to config it for them) because Linux misbehaves (even if it "rightly" misbehaves) seems a wild goose chase to me.
Many would rather conclude that Windows is still the king of the hill after all and change the piece of software that reveals the problem for the one that doesn't.