Comment 159 for bug 417757

This has been posted by Jeroen earlier, like days ago:

WORKING FIX (run as root of course):

apt-get install pdns-recursor resolvconf
echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/
resolvconf -u

1) This will effectively install pdns_recursor which is a DNS recursor that
simply works(tm) and it installs the resolvconf framework (which you most
likely already have)
2) this echo sets the nameserver to, aka pdns
3) update resolv.conf with the above info

You should now have "nameserver" in /etc/resolv.conf and all
your DNS queries should be super duper fast again (also because they get
locally cached a bit ;)

Of course if you have a firewall between your host and the Internet
where DNS servers exist the above might not work when DNS gets

I would almost suggest that Ubuntu make the above the default. The
problem is though that little firewall thing, if that is there or you
visit some netcafe or other network where only HTTP/HTTPS works, then
indeed it does not work...

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 4:45 AM, khaktus <email address hidden> wrote:

> The same issue for me on DSL. I was working on 9.04 for a few months
> without problem, now absolutely no internet connection on 9.10 - neither
> in Mozilla, nor in Synaptic. However, as I run dual boot with XP, on
> Windows, network connection is fine. Lucky me...
> There are so many bugs launched and so many forums with dozens of
> workarounds for experts, creating new bugs... Can somebody write a step
> by step solution for newbie?
> 0. The network is not working. (Don't tell me to download something).
> 1. What to do/rewrite/edit/launch to make a temporary workaround - network
> somehow working (mozilla, synaptic, or whatever)
> 2. What to do to download/get somehow some official fix (not creating new
> bugs) ... if it already exists.
> I'm not satisfied with answers like "upgrade NM with ppa" or "try
> pppoeconf"... it doesn't tell me much.
> Please, someone, make a clear summary.
> Do not send me another links to read endless forums... I have spent
> hours reading them... I'm used to the plurality of responses and
> solutions while working with Ubuntu, but having such a major problem,
> I'm loosing my patience. It is a major issue and newbies are not able to
> spend days reading forums, that offer so many workarounds, that need to
> be topped by other workarounds... I need to see what to do right now and
> not to read what hundreds of people tried... Where is Ubuntu's official
> solution?
> Thank you
> --
> [karmic regression] all network apps / browsers suffer from multi-second
> delays by default due to IPv6 DNS lookups
> You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
> of a duplicate bug.
> Status in “glibc” package in Ubuntu: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” package in Ubuntu: Invalid
> Status in “glibc” source package in Lucid: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” source package in Lucid: Invalid
> Status in “glibc” source package in Karmic: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” source package in Karmic: Invalid
> Status in “glibc” package in Fedora: Confirmed
> Bug description:
> In Karmic, DNS lookups take a very long time with some routers, because
> glibc's DNS resolver tries to do IPv6 (AAAA) lookups even if there are no
> (non-loopback) IPv6 interfaces configured. Routers which do not repond to
> this cause the lookup to take 20 seconds (until the IPv6 query times out).

Dmitriy Mestetskiy