Comment 147 for bug 417757

@ Per Heldal / #43

glibc 2.10 does AAAA+A queries in parallel. I don't know if it does that also for the ones in the search path, which seems to be the problem you are describing above.

Nevertheless, search path should (afaik) only be applied to non-FQDN hostnames (eg 'www' or 'hostname') not to anything containing already a domain (eg 'www.domain'). When this is done and users type eg '' then the local search path does not come into play.

The problem that I have seen with recursors (even one on an old dd-wrt as even dnsmasq had this issue quite some time ago, but if you don't update it doesn't get fixed ;) was that it simply completely silently dropped AAAA queries. It didn't even try to forward them. No response nothing. Even for etc. Which is another error case from the scenario you describe, which is even funnier, as NXDOMAIN should definitely be handled properly (if they don't how the heck does that DNS recursor even work when somebody mistypes a URL ? :).