Comment 135 for bug 417757

@Bernhard #134 wrote
"Pessimistic estimates say that the problem we suspect (a DNS proxy that
cannot handle AAAA queries) affects about 0.5% of the global userbase.
50% of those can easily be fixed with a firmware upgrade of their
router, which is usually a very good idea anyway."

Even if a firmware upgrade of my router fixed this issue (and it did not), I cannot, nor am I authorized to do firmware upgrades at the local coffee shop, at the airport and at my place of business, all of which are locations in which the IPv6 bug slows my network connections to a crawl. My network speeds are quite fast when I use Ubuntu 9.04, PCLinuxOS 2009.2, Windows XP, Vista and 7 on my "broken" router and at the other locations I mentioned above.

Please, let's get this issue resolved within Ubuntu as none of us has the power or influence or wealth to fix all the world's "broken" routers and ISPs.