Comment 120 for bug 417757

So, it seems that there is growing consensus for #111 if not enabled by
default. But I wonder, is there no way to detect this situation and switch
between the two behaviors automatically? What if after a few failed AAAA
lookups the code says, "Ah ha! Network interface foo is on a link which
isn't quite ready for IPv6 because AAAA requests keep timing out which must
be annoying the heck out of the user of this system by now. From now on,
requests on the foo interface will skip the AAAA record lookup and go
directly for the A record instead." Do this after requests for AAAA records
continually timeout (it won't take long to see the pattern) and requests for
A records always succeed.

Note, this is just a crazy idea off the top of my head so feel free to tell
me, "Nope, sorry. Not a good solution." But if you do, could you also
explain to me your reasoning?

Again, just trying to find a happy middle ground, :-)