Comment 113 for bug 417757

If this is the attitude it is a sad day.

Two very high profile OS launches around the same time. Windows 7, and Ubuntu 9.10. Plug a Windows 7 box into my router, and everything is fine. Plug an Ubuntu 9.10 box into my router, and my internet experience is dog slow. But it's ok, i'm sure the general public will understand that Ubuntu 9.10 is still superior, it's actually Windows 7 that is broken, believe it or not!

Ubuntu 8.04 and 9.04 are also "broken", so if you want a good internet experience, perhaps downgrade to one of those fine distributions

I presume the official Ubuntu solution then is not to use routers with crap DNS resolvers on them. Everyone should be petitioning their ISP to send out routers to all customers that have built in DNS resolvers that correctly support ipv6! I'm sure the ISPs will definitely want to help out here, I'm sure it won't cost them much to replace all of these routers in Germany, France, the USA, Ireland, etc.