Comment 105 for bug 417757

So i thought that nothing changed in this since 9.04 when a lot of applications were ipv6 enabled....

The issue is that AAAA records are useful for computers which have ipv6 routes (on the internet).

So is this bug is new or valid....?. If some one can reproduce this and provide a tcpdump showing some evidence of extra look ups that would be interesting.

However, if the system does not have a valid ipv6 route i would hope that it does not try to connect to an ipv6 non-route-able host..... I know there is a problem when a *false* ipv6 route is advertised. In this case, there may be a problem. Unlike ipv4, ipv6 is not widely deployed so checking if a route is valid *may* be a good idea(throw it away if there is a known working ipv4 route). I am not sure what networking-manager does.

If there is a library waiting for the response of an ipv6 request and there is no ipv6 route.... that is an issue.