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morlock (mor-lock) wrote : Re: Ubuntu Uefi install locks out bios access

Btw, This is a quite serious issue!

Anyway, I might have found a workaround that allows you to repair your EFI and boot menu without opening your laptop + the shorting procedure + firmware reinstall with FreeDOS . Buth onestly, I don't want to write everything all over again, so for the details please have a look at (the comment by moerdock from 2012/11/30 04:00).

Basically, I used nvramtool to do a binary dump of the content of my NVRAM after I had repaired everything. It *might* (again, MIGHT) be possible for other users to write this binary dump to their NVRAM and it just works. I'm not sure, though. Try it at your own risk! If something goes wrong you should be able to fix everything by doing the shorting procedure. But once more: I don't take any responsibility if your machine breaks :)