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Bug #1886723: ecryptfs-setup-swap fails when activating swap Undecided Confirmed 178 weeks
Bug #1718658: ecryptfs-mount-private fails to initialize ecryptfs keys Undecided Confirmed 307 weeks
Bug #1501915: Use systemd for cryptswap restart in vivid & wily Undecided New 427 weeks
Bug #1406940: ecryptfs does not work for domain users (AD, likewise/powerbroker) Low Triaged 466 weeks
Bug #842647: [git] file blocks duplicated at the end of the file High Triaged 610 weeks
Bug #443080: ecryptfs mount does not support -f (fake mount) Wishlist Triaged 734 weeks

From: Dustin Kirkland 
Link: out

Bug #257901: Suggestion: GUI frontend(s) for ecryptfs-utils Wishlist Triaged 795 weeks

From: Tobias Wolf
Link: cosmetics

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