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gdb backtrace and all thread backtrace

remember the bug : work sometime on OOo, then do something else, come back after a while on OOo -> crash (sometime). or do CTRL+s after having spent sometime on other stuff -> crash(sometime).

From my past experience, this kind of bug started first with the version 3 of openoffice. a try with IBM lotus symphony was resulting in the same crash!!!
finally I though libreoffice was not affected... but that is not the case.

I use ubuntu 10.10 (32b) when the problem started with compiz. (disabling opengl for OOO doesn't affect the bug).
I now have on ubuntu 10.10 libreoffice 3.1 and it seems not to be affected by this bug (I was not able to reproduce it).
I also recently got Ubuntu 10.04.... libreoffice 3.3 crash... 3.4 also!!!
The backtrace seems explicit... the trouble come from uno, ure. Except that is a .net like stuff, I have no more idea how it works, and what part it play in Libreoffice, OOo or lotus symphony.

However it seems related to file io with an exception badly uncatched prducing a SIGSEGV.

My guess is that this bug should be redirected to uno framwork. Also ubuntu distro might also play a role in it.

If you need testing for this bug, I have a document (but professional, not to share) that seems to trigger the bug almost garanted within an hour.