Comment 48 for bug 745836

Scott, is that fix in base 11.04? I have been away from my pc for a few days and my 11.04 ubuntu was still crashing libre office before this.

I believe that people see a crash when the system is inactive for a while due to inactive libre office apps being swapped out. High ram usage just accelerates the issue appearing.

This is the only app I have seen that seems to crash routinely due to ecryptfs, so I still thing partial blame (or poor exception handling) should be attributed to the open office stack.

Since I'm one of the contributors who has worked hard to try and identify the encrypted home issue and has stuck with these apps longer than necessary (I'm using google docs now as I can at least write a two page doc without 5 crashes) I would prefer you avoid just calling this a rant.

Anything I can do to help (simple instructions) would be useful. Debugging to this point has been impossible for me.

(sorry for any typos. Native English speaker using an iPhone. Another platform I plan to abandon due to forced obsolecence soon)