Comment 18 for bug 745836

I gather you are fairly new to the Ubuntu community. There is a long standing tradition in Ubuntu not to have reversion wars, so rather than revert my reversion, you should have asked someone else to take a look at it. BTW, if you are "not here to argue with [me]" you demonstrate it in a very odd way. I will ask someone else to review it. A few thoughts for you in the meantime:

1. I filed the bug, so I think it's a reasonable definition of an acceptable workaround that it would work for me. Virtually all of my work on office type documents involves email them to and receiving them from other people in MS Office formats. I need broad, reliable support for the MS Office formats that only OOo/LO provide (this is unfortunate, but it's where we are now).

2. Gnumeric doesn't integrate with my desktop environment. If I didn't care about #1, kchart or kword would be better choices.

3. This isn't about a crash "every minute". It's about what happens when you leave a document sit idle for some time and come back, so this doesn't make LO unusable. It just means I'm glad document recovery works as well as it does. Switching to a different office suite is totally unnecessary because of this bug.