Comment 21 for bug 1774120

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

IMHO this is a class of issues on WSL. Given that systemd is not services should be attempted to be stopped, nor started.

systectl calls are guarded and check for presense of /run/systemd/system, I'm confused as to why the lsb-hook on ubuntu doesn't have the same guard as well. Given that on ubuntu, we do not support anything by systemd init, and thus should not be attempting to neither start nor stop init.d scripts directly without systemctl/systemd rediction.

If we were to fix lsb-hook, we would fix this class of issues not only for the ebtables package, but for all packages that ship init.d scripts only without systemd units.

about ebtables init.d script, imho it is fine for it to continue to fail as it does now. Given that init.d script should not have been executed in WSL at all during package install/removal/upgrade anyway.

I'd rather fix this class of upgrade issues, rather than hunting down every single package, given that WSL platform is what it is.