Comment 12 for bug 556621

Phillip Susi (psusi) wrote :

Actually I misunderstood the man page. What it meant is that if you specify lazy_itable_init, without a value, then the VALUE defaults to =1. Changing this to wishlist and I guess we should leave things as they are until the kernel gets its thread to zero the tables in the background or fsck is improved.

I have run into the problem Ted feared while working on e2defrag where the crc on the group descriptors was wrong, and fsck did indeed ignore the inode allocation map and scan the entire inode table and found old inodes that looked valid, then got upset that they appeared to have multiply claimed blocks. This could possibly be resolved sanely by having fsck compare the ctime of the inode with the creation time of the filesystem and toss out the inode created before the filesystem. Of course, this relies on having working real time clocks.