Activity log for bug #52666

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2006-07-11 17:46:51 Rengarajan bug added bug
2006-08-25 05:12:38 Martey Dodoo linux-source-2.6.15: statusexplanation Changed package. See #52917.
2006-10-05 13:12:13 Hassnain dvd+rw-tools: status Unconfirmed Confirmed
2006-10-05 13:12:13 Hassnain dvd+rw-tools: statusexplanation Changed package. See #52917. I can also confirm this. I have the same problem with a Plextor PX-760A. If anyone requires more information, please let me know.
2012-10-01 06:01:00 Thomas Hotz bug added subscriber Thomas Hotz
2012-10-01 06:01:04 Thomas Hotz dvd+rw-tools (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Incomplete
2012-10-06 16:01:31 Martey Dodoo removed subscriber Martey Dodoo
2012-12-01 04:17:51 Launchpad Janitor dvd+rw-tools (Ubuntu): status Incomplete Expired
2012-12-01 12:46:41 David Agudo removed subscriber David Agudo