dpkg 1.18.24ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


dpkg (1.18.24ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

  * Merge from current Debian testing; remaining Ubuntu changes:
    - Change native source version/format mismatch errors into warnings
      until the dust settles on Debian bug 737634 about override options.
    - Add DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES environment check so that higher-level
      tools can get untranslated dpkg terminal log messages while at the
      same time having translated debconf prompts.
    - Special-case arm{el,hf} ELF objects in Shlibs/Objdump.pm for multilib.
    - Map unqualified package names of multiarch-same packages to the native
      arch instead of throwing an error, so that we don't break on upgrade
      when there are unqualified names stored in the dpkg trigger database.
    - Apply a workaround from mvo to consider ^rc packages as multiarch,
      during the dpkg consistency checks. (see LP: 1015567 and 1057367).
    - dpkg-gencontrol: Fix Package-Type override handling for ddeb support.
  * scripts/Dpkg/Vendor/Ubuntu.pm: Drop hardening changes merged upstream.
  * dpkg-buildpackage: Drop stale debian/files cleaning, solved differently.

dpkg (1.18.24) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Guillem Jover ]
  * Add missing symbols to the libdpkg map file.
  * Fix dpkg-shlibdeps to preserve the Dpkg::Shlibs::find_library() order
    when scanning symbols/shlibs files. This was causing generation of bogus
    dependencies when multiple packages provide the same SONAME on different
    directories. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.18.17. Closes: #860979
  * Make dpkg-maintscript-helper print all unowned files from a directory
    when printing the error message, to ease debugging those problems after
    the fact. Closes: #813454, #860238
    Based on a patch by Bastien ROUCARIÈS <email address hidden>.
  * Add duplicate prevention code for debian/files to dpkg-genbuildinfo, so
    that successive runs with different versions and equivalent build types
    do not generate multiple .buildinfo entries to be uploaded, which is
    similar to what dpkg-gencontrol is doing for .deb files.
  * Fix conffile takeover handling during unpack in dpkg on --root or
    on diversions. Closes: #837051, #858004
  * Fix digest inference for shared conffiles, causing bogus takeover
    unpack errors. Regression introduced in dpkg 1.16.9. Closes: #861217
  * Improve tar entry metadata parsing in dpkg:
    - Do not parse device numbers for non block nor char tar entry objects.
    - Make the existing octal parser more robust, by checking for the
      expected format of leading zeros or spaces, followed by any ASCII
      octal characters (0-7), followed by zero or more space or NULs.
    - Add support for base-256 encoded numeric fields, to support large
      values, for UID/GID, device number, size and even signed timestamps.
      This is necessary not only to be able to store larger values, but to
      cover packages that can already be generated by dpkg-deb, given that
      it uses the system GNU tar when building. Closes: #850834
  * Architecture support:
    - Add support for ARM64 ILP32. Closes: #824742
      Thanks to Wookey <email address hidden>.
  * Perl modules:
    - Remove obsolete hardening-wrapper support from Dpkg::Vendor::Ubuntu.
      Thanks to Adam Conrad <adconrad@0c3.net>.
    - Bump $Dpkg::Deps::VERSION to match the one documented in CHANGES.
    - Ignore by default debian/files.new and debian/files for all source
      formats in Dpkg::Source::Package, because these are generated files
      with well known pathnames, part of the public interface, and with
      dpkg-genbuildinfo always injecting .buildinfo entries into
      debian/files, this meant this could disrupt previous workflows based
      on not cleaning the source tree.
  * Documentation:
    - Many spelling fixes. Thanks to Josh Soref <email address hidden>.
    - Do not include mispellings in changelogs, as that makes detecting them
      more difficult.
  * Build system:
    - Use libexec variable for auxiliary internal programs, and set it to
      /usr/lib on Debian and derivatives.
    - Check that the detected tar is a GNU tar.
    - Check that the detected patch is a GNU patch, so that we get a directory
      traversal resistant patch implementation. This fixes CVE-2017-8283 by
      delegating those checks to patch(1), so that we trap blank-indented
      diff hunks trying to escape from the source tree.
  * Test suite:
    - Add a test case for blank-indented patches which were the cause for
    - Handle files with non-zero sizes in c-tarextract libdpkg test code.

  [ Updated programs translations ]
  * Catalan (Guillem Jover).
  * Czech (Miroslav Kure).

  [ Updated dselect translations ]
  * Catalan (Guillem Jover).

  [ Updated scripts translations ]
  * Catalan (Guillem Jover).

  [ Updated man pages translations ]
  * German (Helge Kreutzmann, David Rabel). Closes: #857449
  * Spanish (Javier Fernández-Sanguino).

 -- Adam Conrad <email address hidden>  Mon, 05 Jun 2017 11:35:51 -0600

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Binary packages built by this source

dpkg: Debian package management system

 This package provides the low-level infrastructure for handling the
 installation and removal of Debian software packages.
 For Debian package development tools, install dpkg-dev.

dpkg-dbgsym: debug symbols for dpkg
dpkg-dev: Debian package development tools

 This package provides the development tools (including dpkg-source)
 required to unpack, build and upload Debian source packages.
 Most Debian source packages will require additional tools to build;
 for example, most packages need make and the C compiler gcc.

dselect: Debian package management front-end

 dselect is a high-level interface for managing the installation and
 removal of Debian software packages.
 Many users find dselect intimidating and new users may prefer to use
 apt-based user interfaces.

dselect-dbgsym: Debug symbols for dselect
libdpkg-dev: Debian package management static library

 This package provides the header files and static library necessary to
 develop software using libdpkg, the same library used internally by dpkg.
 Note though, that the API is to be considered volatile, and might change
 at any time, use at your own risk.

libdpkg-perl: Dpkg perl modules

 This package provides the perl modules used by the scripts
 in dpkg-dev. They cover a wide range of functionality. Among them
 there are the following public modules:
  - Dpkg: core variables
  - Dpkg::Arch: architecture handling functions
  - Dpkg::Build::Info: build information functions
  - Dpkg::BuildFlags: set, modify and query compilation build flags
  - Dpkg::BuildOptions: parse and manipulate DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
  - Dpkg::BuildProfile: parse and manipulate build profiles
  - Dpkg::Changelog: parse changelogs
  - Dpkg::Changelog::Entry: represents a changelog entry
  - Dpkg::Changelog::Parse: generic changelog parser for dpkg-parsechangelog
  - Dpkg::Checksums: generate and parse checksums
  - Dpkg::Compression: simple database of available compression methods
  - Dpkg::Compression::Process: wrapper around compression tools
  - Dpkg::Compression::FileHandle: transparently (de)compress files
  - Dpkg::Conf: parse dpkg configuration files
  - Dpkg::Control: parse and manipulate Debian control information
    (.dsc, .changes, Packages/Sources entries, etc.)
  - Dpkg::Control::Changelog: represent fields output by dpkg-parsechangelog
  - Dpkg::Control::Fields: manage (list of known) control fields
  - Dpkg::Control::Hash: parse and manipulate a block of RFC822-like fields
  - Dpkg::Control::Info: parse files like debian/control
  - Dpkg::Control::Tests: parse files like debian/tests/control
  - Dpkg::Deps: parse and manipulate dependencies
  - Dpkg::Exit: push, pop and run exit handlers
  - Dpkg::Gettext: wrapper around Locale::gettext
  - Dpkg::IPC: spawn sub-processes and feed/retrieve data
  - Dpkg::Index: collections of Dpkg::Control (Packages/Sources files for
  - Dpkg::Interface::Storable: base object serializer
  - Dpkg::Path: common path handling functions
  - Dpkg::Source::Package: extract Debian source packages
  - Dpkg::Substvars: substitute variables in strings
  - Dpkg::Vendor: identify current distribution vendor
  - Dpkg::Version: parse and manipulate Debian package versions
 All the packages listed in Suggests or Recommends are used by some of the